The Hendrix Parent Fund

Why support The Hendrix Parent Fund?

Hendrix College continues to be recognized as one of the nation's premier liberal arts colleges. Donations to the Hendrix Parent Fund, as part of the Hendrix Annual Fund, ensure Hendrix continues providing the outstanding academic experience you and your student have expected and enjoy. See your dollars at work.

Tuition alone does not support all the extra advantages that Hendrix offers our students. Things like Odyssey, small class sizes, accessible professors, discussion-based learning, Crossings Program, interdisciplinary majors, and all kinds of great things that keep our students challenged and engaged.
Reenie and Kent Collins, parents of CeCe Collins '15

The Hendrix aid available via the Parent Fund allows our students to attend this well-rounded institution knowing it is the best place for them to be. That aid puts Hendrix in the 'affordable' category for many families.
Yvonne Morgan, parent of Becca Morgan '15

Thank you to everyone who generously donated $161,842 to our Parent Fund in 2012-13! Our goal this year is $200,000. With your gift of any size, you can help us reach our goal and support your student's excellence.

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