Why can other people not open my Office 2007 document?


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Microsoft Office 2007 is a major update to the office suite. Word and other programs in the suite use new document formats. Word 2007 saves files in the .docx format, which is different from the .doc format used in Word 97-2003.

Word 2003, which is what all Hendrix owned computers are running, including the computer labs and Bailey Library, cannot open documents saved in Office 2007 format.  All Word 2003 users will also not be able to open any attachments sent through email.

If you are running Word 2007, you should consider changing the default save settings. You can save your documents in a format that is compatible with earlier versions of Word. That way, you won’t have any problems sharing documents.

  1. Click the Office button
  2. Click Word Options
  3. Open the Save options
  4. Beside Save files in this format, select Word 97-2003
  5. Click OK

Your documents will be saved in the .doc format, which is compatible with earlier versions of Word.


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