Academic Support Services

Working in the Residence Halls

Our mission is to provide services to promote academic success. The services we offer include peer tutoring, academic counseling, and workshops. The Office of Academic Support Services is located on the second floor of the SLTC, rooms 207 and 205.

What do we offer?

  1. One-On-One Academic Encouragement
  2. Academic Discussions & Workshops
    • Time Management
    • Test Anxiety
    • Study Skills
    • Note taking
    • Procrastination
  3. Peer Tutoring 
    • Biology
    • German
    • Latin
    • Chinese
    • Logic
    • Chemistry
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Spanish
    • Zoology
    • Genetics
    • Ancient Greek
  4. Support for Students with Disabilities

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Semester at a Glance

To schedule an appointment with Julie Brown, Coordinator of Academic Support Services, call (501) 505-2954 or email her at To schedule an appointment with Charnley Conway, Academic Specialist, call (501) 450-1482 or e-mail him at