Academic Success Tips

Student Success Tip – Memorizing with a twist

TEST Rote memorization is a pain, but some academic subjects requireyou to memorize large chunks of text or several intricate details. The web app MemorizeNow can help. Once you enter a block of text at MemorizeNow, you can manipulate the text to make more or fewer of the words appear on the screen. You can also switch to the 'Letters'view where only the first letter of each word is displayed (that might be particularly helpful with scientific data). According to student Emily W., 'The interface is a bit chunky and sometimes difficult to navigate, but once you get the hang of it, it really does make memorizing a lot easier!” It is certainly smoother than putting a piece of paper on top of your notes and looking away.

What other memorization tricks or tips do you use?

Please feel free to share those with us and we'll include them in a future 'Student Success Tip'. To be sure that you really understand the material you've just memorized, bring up a clean Word document and write your own defining paragraph of what you just read. This could also be done in longhand.

Atthe end of the day, variety of technique is how you prevent boredom in studying. Fortunately, there are a million different ways to approach academic material. Academic Support can help you identify the most useful method for you.

Dates to remember:

  • Peer Tutoring begins - September  9th
  • Sophomore EXPO - September 19th 
  • Deadline to Change to or from "Credit Only" and Deadline to Drop a Class with no Grade - September 27th