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Attention, Rising Seniors!
The time is ripe for rising seniors to work on constructing a Watson adventure.  Summer before you return will be the perfect time to research countries, make contacts, and yes, even begin the writing of the five page personal statement and five page proposal.  Britt Anne Murphy is always happy to encourage and mentor students, so feel free to contact her.

Walker Fellow Announced for 2014-2015
Jenna Gottschalk has been awarded $14,000 to pursue her passion abroad as a Walker Fellow.  Jenna will be traveling to Ghana, Uganda, Vietnam, and Brazil to explore the changing role of small land owners.   Follow Jenna's journey on her blog.

Watson Fellowships Awarded to Hendrix Seniors Alison Harrington and McKenna Raney!
Alison Harrington and McKenna Raney were awarded Watson Fellowships for 2014-2015.  Below are their project descriptions.  Follow Alison through her blog and McKenna through her blog.  Descriptions and bios of all the 2014-2015 Watson Fellows are available at the Watson Fellowship website.

  • Alison Harrington
    Partnering with Fungi to Improve the Human Landscape through Transformative Decomposition
    Thailand, Cambodia, South Africa, Namibia, Ecuador, Costa Rica
    In the midst of a global waste crisis, I propose to explore the potential of fungi to solve global problems. Working with the people who study and use fungus, I hope to understand the basis for cultural dispositions towards fungi and the decomposition they represent. I aim to study the paradoxical application of transformative decay towards constructive ends while promoting mutualism between humans and fungi.

    Alison is a biologist by interest and nature, with a particular focus on biology in a social and ecological context. Her approach to home gardening and leading the Hendrix College Beekeeping Society reflects the application of scientific concepts, and it was through her garden that she began interacting with fungi. She became fascinated by their transformative power; through decomposition and decay, they facilitate regeneration. She enjoys collecting and identifying wild fungi in her spare time, and has joined the Arkansas Mycological Society on some of their forays into local forests. When she isn't in the lab or outdoors, Alison is probably reading or skating with Girls Rollin' in the South, a recreational roller derby team in Central Arkansas.

  • McKenna Raney
    Uncovering Emotional Connections in Human-Equine Partnerships
    Argentina, France, Iceland, Ireland, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, Australia
    I will explore the relationships of humans and horses through farming, ranching, therapy, and sports worldwide. I will work to discover how relationship, discipline, and culture affect a working partnership between horse and human. My specific objectives are to understand different lived experiences, to identify broader cultural implications, and discover if others' identities are contingent on their relationship with horses. To achieve these goals, I will shadow equine workers, work alongside them, stay in their homes, and conduct informal snowball interviews with members of cross-cultural groups who work with horses daily.

    McKenna has been fascinated with horses since she was four. This love led her to provide veterinary care for her own herd, trail-ride, teach children at a summer wrangler camp, and volunteer in equine-assisted therapy. Her gap year of volunteerism led her to major in anthropology as a way to explore other people's worlds. Active in the Hendrix community, she did horse anthropological and biological research, played saxophone in the wind ensemble, attended archaeological field school, and worked at Heifer International. McKenna's Watson will allow her to combine her passions for peoples' stories and horses.

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