Economics and Business Faculty

Dr. Keith Berry, Professor. B.A., Hendrix College, ’73;  Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, ’79. Professional Interests: microeconomics, money, banking, credit, and industrial organization.

Prof. Stephen Kerr, Virginia A. MCormick Pittman Distinguished Professor of Economics and Business. B.A., Hendrix College, ’76; M.B.A., Southern Methodist University, ’77; CPA, Arkansas, ’78. Professional Interests: federal tax and management accounting

Dr. Megan de Linde Leonard, Associate Professor. B.A., Hendrix College, '02; Ph.D., Texas A&M University, '07. Professional Interests: labor economics and applied econometrics

Dr. Karen Oxner, Associate Professor. B.S., University of Arkansas at Little Rock, '83; M.B.A., University of Arkansas at Little Rock, '85; D.B.A., Southern Illinois University, '94. Professional Interests: auditing and financial accounting

Prof. Lyle Rupert, Professor. B.A., Hendrix College, ’82; M.B.A., University of Chicago, ’85; CPA, Illinois, ’85. Professional Interests: accounting, financial management, and computing

Dr. Ralph Scott, Professor. B.A., Hendrix College, ’73; Ph.D., Tulane University, ’83. Professional Interests: macroeconomics and international economics

HappyTomDr. Tom Stanley, Professor, B.S.I.M., University of Akron, ’72; M.A., Kent State University, ’73; M.S., Purdue University, ‘80; Ph.D., Purdue University, ‘82. Professional Interests: applied econometrics and statistics, meta-analysis, and methodology of economics