At the Library

  • Rent-a-bike: The Hendrix Bike Revolution bicycle collective program has hewn together a fleet of bikes for the Hendrix community to rent. That’s right: free, sustainable transportation. Parked outside the library, the bikes (and light-up, flashing wristbands, if you’re biking at night) are available for free check-out. The collective, which started in fall of 2006, also teaches students how to build and maintain their own bikes. The larger goals: spreading bike culture, teaching students how to go (or stay) car-less, and fostering a more bike-friendly community. Hendrix Bike Revolution is a student organization which plans to open a bicycle maintenance and repair shop on campus in the near future.
  • Recycled notebooks: For the past two years, the Shoestring Coalition has gathered used paper from the Hendrix community. With the unused sides facing forward, the paper is hand-bound into notebooks, which are then distributed for free to Hendrix students and staff. Several hundred have been distributed so far.

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