How do I check and manage my server disk space quota?


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Please Note: You are ultimately responsible for any use of your account and for management of your disk space and e-mail files.
  • Your account comes with a Home directory (folder) on the file server – Z:\ Drive. You should always save your files to Z:\ or a floppy when in the lab.
  • Your total disk capacity is a quota of 10MB. PC users receive a warning when the capacity reaches 8MB. If you receive this warning, please move your files to a floppy, delete unneeded files, or contact the Student Lab Manager at x1385. MAC users will not get a warning. You must pay attention to your files and how much space you are using.
  • If your quota is exceeded, you cannot login—your account will be locked. Contact Lab Manager at x1385.
  • Your Z:\ will have a PROFILE.PDS folder in it –NEVER open this folder or DELETE anything from within it! If your profile is deleted from the system, you will LOSE any documents saved on the server!
  • Your disk space on the server...
    • should be used for word processing files, presentations, e-mails/attachments, and spreadsheets.
    • should NOT be used for downloading programs (files ending in .exe and those from AOL), Multimedia files including video clips (.avi,.mov,.mpg), sound files (.wav, .au, .mp3), and scanned images (.jpg, .bmp, .tif, .gif) files as these take up excessive space. E.g., seven seconds of video equals 1 megabyte, which is 10% of your total space allocation.
  • The Lab Manager can burn a CD of non-copyrighted material for you for $5. Types of material to be burned onto a CD would be professional papers, presentations, graphics, or other large files.
  • You must use our CD’s. The cost of the CD is included in the $5 fee.
  • You must coordinate with the Lab Manager on getting your CD made, making sure to give plenty of lead time.
  • The CD’s are re-writable, meaning additional materials can be added to the CD.
  • They hold 640MB of information, roughly the equivalent of 450 diskettes.
  • E-mail and public folder accounts will be purged every 30 days of mail that is over 30 days old! This is to prevent the mail server from reaching disk capacity.
  • Use the mail save procedures listed under Outlook Web Access How-To for saving your mail.
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