Connecting to the Student Wireless Network (Macintosh)


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These instructions are for the Macintosh AirPort wireless utility included with Macintosh OS.

For instructions to connect to the Student Wireless Network for other operating systems visit: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

The following setup only has to be performed the first time you connect to the Hendrix Student Wireless Network.  You can only follow these instructions while on the Hendrix College campus (within range of the student wireless network).

Items to check before you begin 

  • Ensure that you have an AirPort 2.0 wireless network card, the AirPort is turned on, and if it has an antenna that it is in the proper position. 
  • Ensure that you are running the most current version of Apple's AirPort Utility. 

Connecting to the Wireless Network

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  1. Go to Apple Menu --> "System Preferences..."
    Step 1 (Click image to enlarge)
  2. Select the "Network" icon. This will open the "Network" window.
    Step 2 (Click image to enlarge)
  3. You should now see the "Network" window.
    Step 3 (Click image to enlarge)
  4. In the "Location" dropdown box, select "New Location...".
    Step 4 (Click image to enlarge)
  5. Name your new location something you will recognize, like "Hendrix Student Wireless", then click "OK".
    Step 5 (Click image to enlarge)
  6. You should see your new location in the "Location" dropdown box. Make sure it is selected, then in the "Show" box, select "AirPort".
    Step 6 (Click image to enlarge)
  7. Click the "TCP/IP" tab on the "Network" window, and ensure that "Configure IPv4" dropdown box says "Using DHCP".
    Step 7 (Click image to enlarge)
  8. Click the "AirPort" tab on the "Network" window, and in the "By default, join" dropdown box, select "Preferred networks".
    Step 8 (Click image to enlarge)
  9. The network selection box should appear below the "By default, join" dropdown box. Click the "+" button to add a new network.
    Step 9 (Click image to enlarge)
  10. A window will pop up that says "Choose a security type and enter the name of the AirPort network to join with an optional password". In the "Network Name" box, type "hndrxstdnt". This is case-sensitive, so be sure it is in lower case. Then in the "Wireless Security" dropdown box, select "WPA Enterprise".
    Step 10 (Click image to enlarge)
  11. Three new dropdown boxes will appear. Enter the following, then Click "OK".
    Username:    "STUDENTS\" followed by the username you were assigned by IT.
                         For example: Sally Ann Jones would enter "STUDENTS\jonessa".
    Password:     enter your password you were assigned
    802.1X Configuration:    Automatic 
    Step 11 (Click image to enlarge) 
  12. You will return to the "Network" window, and after a moment a new window may pop-up called "Verify Certificate". If it does, click "Show Certificate". If it does not, continue to step 15.
    Step 12 (Click image to enlarge)
  13. Ensure that the certificate says EXACTLY the following:

    Issued By:  Equifax
    Expires:  Wednesday, June 29, 2011 7:23:28 PM US/Central
    this certificate is valid
    If the certificate is correct and matches EXACTLY this information, click "Trust Settings" below "Details".
    Step 13 (Click image to enlarge)
  14. In the "When using this certificate" dropdown box, select "Always trust", then click "Continue".
    Step 14 (Click image to enlarge)
  15. You will again return to the "Network" window. Click "Apply Now" and you should be connected to the Hendrix Student Wireless network. Quit the "System Preferences" application in the Apple Menu.
    Step 15 (Click image to enlarge)
  16. When you are connected the AirPort icon on the top right will turn black.Step 8 (Click image to enlarge)  
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