How do I print using the campus network printers?


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1. Click START (Figure 1)

Printer How To Step 1
Figure 1

2. Select Printers and Faxes (Figure 2)

Printer How To Step 2
Figure 2

3. If your computer has not yet been configured, it shows printers unable to connect on old server names. (Figure 3)

Printer How To Step 3
Figure 3

4. Select 'Add a printer'

5. The Add Printer Wizard appears. Select next. (Figure 4)

Printer How To Step 5 
Figure 4

6. Select "A network printer..." and click Next. (Figure 5)

Printer How To Step 6
Figure 5

7. Select find a printer in the directory and click Next. (Figure 6)

Printer How To Step 7
Figure 6

8. Click 'Find Now' (Figure 7)

Printer How To Step 8
Figure 7

9. All Printers available in your Location will appear. (Figure 8)

 Printer How To Step 9
(Figure 8)

10. The names of the printers appear. Select the printer(s) you wish to install and click OK. (Figure 9)

Printer How To Step 10 
Figure 9

11. The drivers install automatically.

12. You can print from the new print server.  You should now see Figure 10.

 Printer How To Step 12
Figure 10

13. Once you have added the printer you want, follow the same steps to add new printers.

14. If you are updating your printer settings for the first time, delete the old printers. Click on the printer, then right mouse click and select delete. (Figure 11)

Printer How To Step 14
Figure 11

15. Confirm the deletion. Select “Yes” and the printer is removed. (Figure 12)

Printer How To Step 15
Figure 12

16. Your printer folder now shows the printer removed. (Figure 13)

Printer How To Step 16 
Figure 13

If you have any problems, contact IT at 1340. This is a new system, please be patient.

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