How do I use the features on my student telephone from my Residence Hall?


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Plexar Dialing Features
These features are activated with an existing telephone party on the line.


  • Press and release switch hook (dial tone)
  • Dial four digit number (listen for first ring)
  • Hang up or stay on the line to announce call.
  • If no answer or line is busy, press switch hook twice.

Call Forwarding:

To activate:

  • Receive dial tone
  • Dial #2
  • Dial number where calls will be forwarded (4 digits)
  • When call is answered advise about forward.
  • If busy or don’t answer, calls will still forward.

To cancel:

  • Listen for dial tone
  • Dial #0
  • Wait for confirmation, hang up.

Call Waiting:

While talking on a call, you hear a tone signaling that a call is waiting. To take the incoming call:

  • Hang up, call will ring in -OR- Press and release the switch hook
  • Listen for dial tone
To return to the first call you may:
  • Hang up, call will ring in

To alternate between two calls – press and release the switch hook and Dial *4

Dialing Instructions:

  • For Emergency - 9-911
  • Local - 9
  • Long Distance - 8-number you are calling, enter your 6-digit authorization code
  • Residence Halls - Last four digits of phone number
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