Absence Report Start Page

 Monthly Absence Report

 Each month all employees who accrue time must visit this website as well as report all leave time in your ADP Self-Service Portal.  "Current Period" is from the 15th of previous month - 14th of the current month.  After clicking submit you will receive further instructions on reporting your time in the ADP Portal.

I, , certify that I will report any leave time accurately for the current period in ADP. I understand that it is my responsibility to keep track of my leave time and report it accurately.  I will not disclose my ADP log-in information to another employee for the purpose of reporting leave on my behalf, or for any other reason.  I understand that if I did not take any leave time during the current period I do not need to continue to the ADP portal.

My email address is:

I did not take any leave time in the current period: