British Studies At Oxford

2013 Theme: Empire and After: Britain in the 19th and 20th Centuries


Concentrating each year on a specific period of British history and culture,British Studies at Oxford combines a wide-range of seminar courses in Humanities and Social Science subjects taught by British and American faculty, with a program of lectures, workshops, study excursions to essential sites, and theater visits. The aim is to produce an intense and creative educational experience which is both absorbing and enormous fun. Offered annually since 1970, it has been held since 1980 in St. John’s College in Oxford.

British Studies at Oxford is a summer program offered by Rhodes College in affiliation with the Associated Colleges of the South.


Each student is a member of two seminars concentrating on an aspect of the period being studied. These are chosen from an extensive list – in 2011 there were 19 seminars to choose from – drawn from a wide variety of disciplines, such as art history, music, literature, social and political history, political science, and history of science. Each of these seminars carries 1 Hendrix credit.  Students can pay extra for an additonal seminar and earn three Hendrix credits.

In addition to the seminars, students participate in interdisciplinary activities, including lectures, workshops, visits to theatres and concerts, and study excursions to sites of particular relevance.

Language of Instruction

All courses are taught in English.


Grades will be reported on the Hendrix transcript but will NOT be calculated as part of the cumulative GPA. Students must earn at least a "C" to be awarded transfer credit.

Cost of Program

The cost for the 2014 program has not yet been released, but the following costs are from 2013:

  • The cost of the program, including tuition in two seminars and all lectures, accommodation, all meals, study excursions, and theater visits was $8,950.
  • Students pay another $1,300 for a third, additional seminar.

These costs do not include travel to and from Oxford or textbooks.

Financial Aid

It may be possible to use federal aid for the British Studies at Oxford program. Additionally, there are full and/or partial scholarships available to Hendrix students. The scholarship application is usually due in early January.  More information and an application can be obtained from the Academic Affair Suite in Fausett Hall, the Hendrix-Murphy and Odyssey Offices, or from the following faculty: Alice Hines (English), Sasha Pfau (History), Rod Miller (Art).


The British immigration and visa system is in a constant state of flux. Currently students do not need visas to study in England if for a period less than six months. However, this could change by the summer. The Office of International Programs will monitor the situation.


Students live in St. John’s College, having either a single bed-sitting room, or a single room with separate sitting room. Students share meals in the St. John's College dining hall.

Academic Calendar

The 2013 program ran from July 1 - August 7.

For More Information

  • More information available from the Academic Affairs Suite in Fausett Hall, the Hendrix-Murphy and Odyssey Offices, or from the following faculty: Alice Hines (English), Sasha Pfau (History), Rod Miller (Art).
  • British Studies at Oxford (