The MISS Office supports the academic mission of the College by working to create experiential learning options outside of the classroom.  All Hendrix students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to join our office in implementing events such as concerts, speakers, reader's theatre, discussions, or participating in office committees. Participation in co-curricular activities provides students with essential leadership and interpersonal skills that prepare them for the world beyond Hendrix College.

Upcoming Events 2014:

Download our calendar of events here: Calendar!


Fall Summit Conference (MDC): 9/6

Club Fusion: 9/6

Welcome back Picnic (SBC): 9/6

Mid- Autumn Festival (ACC): 9/7

World Cup Tournament: 9/12

Rosh Hashanah Dinner: 9/24

International Club Camping Trip: 9/27

DAO Week: 9/28 – 10/3

  • Block Party: 9/28
  • Wall of Acceptance: 9/29
  • MDC Documentary Screening: 10/1
  • Project Pericles: 10/2
  • Cultural Candy Land: 10/3

Yom Kippur Break Fest: 10/4

Jane Elliott: 10/6 

Vietnamese Movie Night: 10/10

Hot Pot City: 11/1

Day of Death: 11/1-11/7

International Week: 11/3-11/8

  • International Fashion Show: 11/5
  • International Talent Show: 11/6
  • Bubble Tea Bonanza: 11/7
  • International Food Bazar: 11/8

Hanukkah Celebration: 12/3

International Club Holiday Party: 12/7

SLIC Film Screening (Cesar Chavez): 1/23-1/25

Lunar New Year: 2/14

International Club Trip to Trampoline Club: 3/7

Purim Party: 3/7

SLIC Film Screening (Cassandra White): 3/9-3/10

Korean Drama Night: 3/13

Tea and Coffee Social: 3/15

Multicultural Expo: 4/4

Maya Food Day: 4/6

Passover Seder: 4/9

Asian Food Festival: 4/25

Cinco de Mayo: 5/2

Day of the Dead Altar