Smoking Policy

Smoking, defined as the combustion of any cigar, cigarette, pipe or any similar articles using any form of tobacco or other combustible substance in any form, is not permitted inside of ANY building.

Hendrix College
Smoking Policy



The purpose of this policy is to limit smoking use on campus at Hendrix College to designated areas.  The College actively seeks to create a healthy campus environment that limits the effects of secondhand smoke; however, we recognize that as a residential college, members of the community may choose to smoke. 

Smoking on campus is restricted to designated areas listed below.  Smokers may not smoke inside any building, while walking to/from these designated destinations, or at any non-designated areas (ie athletic fields, parking lots, etc).  Designated areas (shown here on the campus map) include the following:

  • Raney building gazebo area
  • North quad gazebo area
  • South Library porch end
  • Mills/Cabe alcove
  • Huntington apartment – one gazebo
  • Front Street back patio area
  • Gazebo between Hardin/Martin/Couch/Houses
  • President’s home back porch
  • East end of Facilities Management bldg
  • Hulen Hall – back patio
  • Buhler Hall – back porch


The College prohibits campus-controlled advertising, as well as the sale or free sampling of, tobacco or smoking-related products on campus.  Littering campus with remains of tobacco or smoking-related products is prohibited. No ashtrays or smoking shelters will be permitted outside the designated areas.   Smoking is prohibited at all public, outdoor events (including athletic events), except in designated areas described above.  Organizers shall communicate this policy to all attendees and shall enforce the policy. 

The Director of Human Resources, Director of Facilities Management and the Dean of Students will review this policy periodically and make recommendations to the President regarding any policy adjustments.  Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the President.


All Hendrix College students, faculty, staff, contractors and visitors are expected to comply with this policy.  Members of the campus community are empowered to respectfully inform others about the policy and designated areas and may also report violations to Hendrix College Public Safety.  Violators approached by Hendrix Public Safety may receive a warning, a citation for $50 or referral to the appropriate authority outlined below. Surrounding public streets and sidewalks are not under the purview of College policy.

Repeat violators will be subject to the following: 

  1. Students will be referred to the College disciplinary process.
  2. Employees will be referred to their respective units for progressive discipline.
  3. Contractors will be referred to their respective employers for appropriate action.
  4. Visitors will be required to leave the campus.

This policy applies to faculty, staff, students and visitors to College-owned housing facilities.

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