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Human Subjects Review Board

IMPORTANT: April 18, 2016 is the deadline for submission for the Spring semester. Reviews will resume on September 1, 2016. 

Hendrix College is committed to the ethical treatment of all human participants in research conducted by its faculty, staff, and students.  The Hendrix College Human Subjects Review Board (HSRB) is responsible for reviewing all research done under the auspices of the college and to ensure that, in each project, human participants are treated in a just and ethical manner.  Hendrix College will comply with the regulations of the United States Department of Health and Human Services for the Protection of Human Research Subjects (Part 46 of Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations, as amended) and with the principles set forth in the Report of the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research, entitled Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research (also know as the Belmont Report).  Copies of both documents are available in the offices of the Donald W. Reynolds Center for Life Sciences.  The three basic principles of the Belmont Report are respect for persons (acknowledging autonomy and protecting those with diminished autonomy), beneficence (maximizing possible benefits while minimizing possible harm), and justice (sharing equitably the burdens and benefits in the population).  

For each research project conducted at Hendrix College, the HSRB shall be responsible for ensuring the following:

A. Any costs and risks to participants will be outweighed by the sum of the benefit to the participants and the importance of the knowledge to be gained in order to warrant approval of the proposed project.

B. The rights and welfare of all participants will be adequately protected.

C. Informed consent will be obtained from all participants in accordance with HSRB policies.

D. On-going projects will be reviewed at timely intervals (at least once a year).

E. The HSRB shall have jurisdiction over the collection and analysis of data that utilize the participation of human participants and are intended primarily for research purposes. 


There are two types of research that must be brought to the HSRB:

1. Any research conducted with human participants that involves more physical, mental, psychological, or social risk than people would experience on a daily basis.  It doesn't matter the type of research – it could be based on interview, survey, or experimental methodologies.  If the research asks about sexual or health history, or inquires about any other socially sensitive information, it must come through the board. More detailed explanations of this kind risk can be found in the Hendrix HSRB Policies and Procedures below.

2. Any research conducted with human participants that will be published or presented off campus.  Please note that undergraduate research conferences have an exemption, unless they involve the level of risk described in #1.

Submitting HSRB Proposals

If you have research that you want to be reviewed, you will need to submit two versions of your proposal: a) one complete electronic copy, including all Appendices and materials, via email (submitted to HSRB@hendrix.edu) and b) one paper copy with original signatures, which must be submitted in a manilla envelope, to the mailbox of Dr. Kiril Kolev in Mills 201 (NOTE: do not bring these to Dr. Kolev's office).  Researchers must submit the most recent and updated forms for HSRB proposals that are now available on the HSRB website below.  And, review cannot begin until we have both the electronic and paper copies of your proposal.

As of August  2013, the HSRB requires that any student submitting an HSRB has completed online research ethics training by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), including both the Social & Behavioral Research – Basic/Refresher Course and the Social and Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research Course at the website www.citiprogram.org.  The instructions for accessing this training are available below and you are required to print a certificate of completion for each course to accompany any HSRB proposal before we can review the project.  In addition, it is strongly recommended that you submit a copy of CITI online research ethics training completion certificates with any funding request for an Odyssey Undergraduate Research (UR) if your project will be likely to come through the HSRB for review.


Timing of HSRB Proposal Submissions

The HSRB will only review proposals turned in during Weeks 1-13 of each semester.  So, if you intend to do research over a winter or summer break, be proactive about submitting research proposals early.  

It typically takes 5-10 business days for an initial review to be conducted, at which point changes or additional information may be requested and a re-review may need to be conducted.  It is therefore imperative that you request review in plenty of time to go through this process before the start date of your research.  

Researchers can also email and request a summer review (please note that there is no winter break review), but there would need to be a compelling reason that is directly related to the research (i.e., part of a summer research experience involves faculty and students writing an HSRB proposal).  For summer review to be considered, this request must be made during week 1-13 of the semester prior to the research and there is no guarantee that summer review will be granted.


Post-Approval HSRB Monitoring

HSRB Research Project Renewal. Research projects may not continue past their approval expiration date (one year after approval). The date on which your project's HSRB approval expires can be found on the HSRB approval memo. If you are unsure of your project's approval expiration date, please e-mail HSRB@hendrix.edu. If you wish to continue your research project (ongoing data collection or data analysis) beyond its original approval expiration date, submit the HSRB Continuing Review form within 30 days of the project's expiration date.  Projects may be renewed twice over the course of the project, resulting in three years total project time. If modifications will be made to the study design or procedures, please submit an updated application with modifications highlighted. If there are no changes to the research as described in the original HSRB Application after a year, resubmit the most recent version of your HSRB Application. 

HSRB Research Project Modification. If there are substantive changes to a research proposal, researchers will need to complete and submit the HSRB Modification form to request approval for these changes, with changes highlighted in all supporting documents (e.g., questionnaires, etc.). These changes may be implemented as soon as they are approved by the HSRB.

HSRB Research Project Completion. At the completion of the project, researchers are expected to submit the HSRB Final Report form. This report communicates to us that your research has concluded properly. Research for which a Final Report has not been received may be considered non-compliant.


Odyssey Projects and HSRB Review

If you are submitting an Odyssey project for funding that involves research conducted with human participants, you will need to get a consultation form that you take to a member of the HSRB (available members are listed on the handout) and that you will submit with your Odyssey application.  These consultation forms are available in the Odyssey office.  These consultations can only be done in person and will typically need to be scheduled in advance.  Please be aware that there is no guarantee of committee members being available the day of the deadline, so you will want to be proactive about scheduling these appointments.

Please note that some of the below forms have recently been updated and are now editable PDF documents. To ensure maximum compatibility, it is recommended that you use the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (http://get.adobe.com/reader/) to complete these forms. Additionally, you may receive an error message when attempting to print one of these documents; however all documents should still print and save just fine. If you experience any other technical difficulties while completing these forms, please contact Dr. Kiril Kolev, co-chair of the HSRB, directly at kolev@hendrix.edu.

Setting up access for CITI online training

HSRB Policies and Procedures Final - UPDATED 2015 - PDF

HSRB_Proposal Form

HSRB Modification Form 

HSRB Continuing Review Form 

HSRB Final Report Form

Checklist for HSRB Submission

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